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          XLight Riders Race

          Race with Blaze and the Monster Machines as they transform into Light Riders

          Light Riders Race
          XWorld Cooking

          Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper and the whole Shaker family are making tasty treats from around the world for Blue … and YOU! Kids become kitchen helpers as they help their friends steam soup dumplings from China, roll gnocchi from Italy, stuff tamales from Mexico, and more – all while learning fun facts about cuisines and cultures of ten different countries. Get clued into delicious world culture with Blue’s Clues & You!

          Blue's Clues and You: World Cooking
          XThe Witch That Won't Say Boo

          Zack and his friends must stop the Pop Witch from popping away all the spooky stuff on Halloween!

          Zack & Quack: The Witch That Won't Say Boo
          XDora's Special Backpack

          When Dora needs something to carry all her books, her parents give her a very special backpack.

          DTE: Dora's Special Backpack
          XMarshall Crafty Creatures

          Marshall from Paw Patrol comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

          Marshall Crafty Creatures
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