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      XBlaze and the Monster Machines: Robot Builder

      Blaze, Watts, and Pickle were racing around Axle City and have gotten a little messy and scuffed up. They’ll need to go to Gabby's garage to get cleaned and fixed. Gabby designed awesome robots to help, but she’s going to need your preschooler’s help to build cleaning monster machine robots! In this learning game, kids will power up their spatial intelligence by building bots following Gabby’s blueprint. They’ll drag pieces together on a screen to match Gabby’s design. After the robot is built, they’ll create a circuit to make the robot work which will help kids understand that robots are machines that need power to work. After the robot is all powered up and ready for action, kids will get to use it by dragging it over the monster machine friend to clean the friend all up.

      Age: 3-6

      Blaze and the Monster Machines: Robot Builder
      XTickle Taming

      It's circus time and Zack is the most fearless, famous, & fabulous wild animal tamer the world has ever known!

      Zack and Quack: Tickle Taming
      XGet That Backpack

      Alex lost his backpack! Can the Paw Patrol find it and get it back to him for his first day of school?

      PAW: Get That Backpack
      XThe Juggling Seal

      Welcome to Deema's carnival shop! Can you help Nonny find something for his seal to juggle?

      BG: The Juggling Seal
      XPAW Patrol: Mighty Pups: Catch that Robot

      Mighty preschoolers, the PAW Patrol pups need your help to save Adventure Bay from Harold Humdinger’s meteor-powered robot! In this pup-tastic action adventure game kids will learn simple STEM concepts such as how bridges and ramps function. They’ll get to rescue friends by building bridges with Rocky and making ice ramps with Everest. Once their friends are rescued, they’ll help Chase use his super speed to catch up to the robot and stop it from causing any further damage to Adventure Bay! Mighty Pups (and preschoolers) to the rescue!

      PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups: Catch that Robot
      XJazzy Juggling

      Dora and Boots help Benny get his juggling balls back after Swiper throws them into a tree.

      DTE: Jazzy Juggling
      XCleaning the Sandbox

      Help Geo match each shape to his blueprint to build a bulldozer and clean up all the garbage in the sandbox.

      UMI: Cleaning the Sandbox
      XA Bear-y Good Lullaby

      Dora and Boots must sing a song to put a bear to sleep! Will you sing along with them?

      DTE: A Bear-y Good Lullaby
      XLemonade Stand
      Lemonade Stand
      XLight Riders Race

      Race with Blaze and the Monster Machines as they transform into Light Riders

      Light Riders Race
      XThe Witch That Won't Say Boo

      Zack and his friends must stop the Pop Witch from popping away all the spooky stuff on Halloween!

      Zack & Quack: The Witch That Won't Say Boo