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      XThe Sleepover Monster

      When Abby and the fuzzlies wake up from a sleepover they encounter a big, green monster!

      Abby Hatcher: The Sleepover Monster
      XFuzzly Catcher!

      Abby Hatcher: Fuzzly Catcher is designed to show kids the fuz-tastic world of the Fuzzly's. Join Abby in finding her friends around the Hatcher Palace Hotel.

      Abby Hatcher: Fuzzly Catcher!
      XThe Happy Song

      Sing along with the Squeaky Peepers as they practice their singing for Judge Thorn.

      Abby Hatcher: The Happy Song
      XLaundry Time

      When Abby and her mom are doing laundry, Princess Flug falls asleep in the laundry bin!

      Abby Hatcher: Laundry Time
      XHelping the Fuzzly

      When Abby and Bozzly realize their fuzzly friend needs help, they lend a hand!

      Abby Hatcher: Helping the Fuzzly
      XDisco Party

      Watch Abby and Bozzly and the rest of the fuzzlies have an awesome disco dance party!

      Abby Hatcher: Disco Party
      XOtis' Boo Boo

      Oh no! When Otis gets a boo boo, Abby and Bozzly come to help him and fix his owie!

      Abby Hatcher: Otis' Boo Boo
      XMysterious Stinky Smell

      P.U.! Something is smelling up the Hatcher Palace Hotel kitchen. Abby, Bozzly, and Chef Jeff are on it!

      Abby Hatcher: Mysterious Stinky Smell
      XSuper Snugs

      Check out Princess Flug and Otis's brand new Super Snugs! These fuzzlies have the best new mini-homes.

      Abby Hatcher: Super Snugs
      XHelp in the Kitchen

      When Curly starts making a mess in the kitchen, Abby and Bozzly lend a hand!

      Abby Hatcher: Help in the Kitchen
      XHearts Everywhere

      It's Hearts and Hugs day! Abby, Bozzly, and their fuzzly friends are surrrounded by hearts everywhere!

      Abby Hatcher: Hearts Everywhere
      XPrincess Takes the Park

      Abby and Bozzly help Princess Flug to go to the park so she can play with all her friends!

      Abby Hatcher: Princess Takes the Park

      Abby Hatcher