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      XThe creaking tree

      There are weird noises coming from the forest. Becca's bunch is on a search to find where the noises are coming from.

      Becca's Bunch: The creaking tree
      XFinding the perfect pal

      The Bunch discover that with Sue away, Ringo plans to spend Pal'n'Times Day by himself. They are trying to help Ringo in finding the perfect pal.

      Becca's Bunch: Finding the perfect pal
      XSaving Jasper and Casper!

      On Junior Lifeguard Day, Becca and the bunch follow a training to keep the beach safe. As it turns out, they actually have to apply their skills to save Jasper and Casper!

      Becca's Bunch: Saving Jasper and Casper!
      XFinding a spectacular act!

      Becca and the bunch are joining the big talent show in Wagtail: Wow Me Wagtail. All they need is a spectacular act to wow the judges!

      Becca's Bunch: Finding a spectacular act!
      XTaking back the treasure map

      The Bunch found an old map which leads to the Acorn King's lost treasure.

      Becca's Bunch: Taking back the treasure map
      XRockin’ The Wood

      Becca, Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro sure know how to rock. Check out this music video from Becca's Bunch!

      Rockin’ The Wood
      XLola's Speedy delivery song

      Becca and the Bunch started a home delivery service for Lola's Store. This catchy service comes with a catchy song as well.

      Becca's Bunch: Lola's Speedy delivery song
      XWelcome aliens!

      A UFO crashed into the woods with a alien visitor. Becca and the Bunch decide to prepare a warm welcome for their visitor!

      Becca's Bunch: Welcome aliens!
      XMeet Robobuck!

      Buck is going on holiday so he created a robot to help the Bunch with their chores. Meet the amazing Robobuck!

      Becca's Bunch: Meet Robobuck!
      XHappy Mom's day!

      It's Mom's day and Becca managed to create a last-minute special gift for her mother!

      Becca's Bunch: Happy Mom's day!
      XThe Mystic Acorn

      Becca receives the Mystical Acorn from her dad, a device which answers all your questions. Becca and the Bunch are going to town to give it a try!

      Becca's Bunch: The Mystic Acorn
      XWoodrock Radio

      Join Becca's Bunch live in the studio for Woodrock Radio!

      Woodrock Radio
      XFinding a lead singer

      For the Woodrock festival Becca's bunch offered to play, but they have no lead singer. In search for a lead singer they ask around town who wants to join.

      Becca's Bunch