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      XRainforest Rhapsody

      Diego and a pair of singing red-eyed tree frogs are practicing for the Rainforest Recital when Alicia calls.

      Go, Diego, Go!: 'Rainforest Rhapsody'
      Full Episode
      XSaving Chinta

      Diego needs to get down the waterfall to save the baby chinchilla, Chinta. He needs to hurry!

      Diego: Saving Chinta
      XFestive Sticker Fun

      Create your own festive stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

      Nick Jr. Festive Sticker Fun
      XClimb Like a Frog

      Climb like a frog with Diego! He needs to climb up the pyramid by using suction cup sticky gloves!

      Diego: Climb Like a Frog
      XDiego Dives Deep

      Jaques Cousteau could never get this low! Dive to the bottom of the ocean with Diego!

      Go, Diego, Go: Diego Dives Deep
      XMonkey Business

      Help Diego stop the monkeys from rolling the log so he can walk over it and cross the muddy mud pit safely!

      Diego: Monkey Business
      XBlast Off

      Blast off into space in this Nick Jr. collection of space games!

      Nick Jr. Blast Off
      XWhale You Help Alicia?

      When Alicia and her penguins get stuck in some icebergs, Diego and his whale friends must help rescue them!

      Diego: Whale You Help Alicia?
      XFind Cotton-Top

      A cotton-top tamarin is lost in the cave. It's time to grab your binoculars and help Diego go and rescue her!

      Go, Diego, Go: Find Cotton-Top
      XSwim to the Rescue

      Diego, a dolphin, and a whale must swim as fast as they can to save the sea turtles from the sharks!

      Go, Diego, Go: Swim to the Rescue
      XHalloween Sticker Fun

      Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

      Nick Jr: Halloween Sticker Fun
      XTwin Gorillas

      Diego follows the gorilla footprints and is seeing double when he finds twin baby gorillas!

      Diego: Twin Gorillas