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      XA full bucket of water

      Kiva and Saul are cleaning windows on a skyscraper, but their water bucket fell down. They need to find a way to get their nucket back, filled with water.

      Kiva Can Do: A full bucket of water
      XAngus power!

      Kiva and Saul use wind power to provide their tumble dryer with elextricity. Suddenly the wind stops and they need an alternative power source.

      Kiva Can Do: Angus power!
      XA moving pile of dirt

      Kiva and Saul are on their way to look for dirt for Nanni's garden. They seem to have found a pile of dirt...but it's moving!

      Kiva Can Do: Kiva Can Do: A moving pile of dirt
      XFinding atlantis

      Kiva and Saul are going on an underwater adventure to find out what happened to the lost city of Atlantis.

      Kiva Can Do: Finding atlantis
      XTesting the Nanni-mobile

      Because Nanni's car broke down, Kiva and Saul have created their own Nanni-mobile. Time for a test run.

      Kiva Can Do: Testing the Nanni-mobile
      XFinding the lemon tree

      Angus is helping Kiva and Saul finding a lemon tree to create their hot lemon-drink cure! With Angus having a cold and an infected nose, helping out does not go well...

      Kiva Can Do: Finding the lemon tree
      XWatch out for avalanches!

      Kiva is trying to bring down the mountain goats by gently whistling instructions to shepherd Angus. When Saul finally learns to whistle, his noise creates an avalanche!

      Kiva Can Do: Watch out for avalanches!
      XUnblocking the signal

      Nanni's TV loses reception just as her favorite movie is about to start. Kiva, Saul & Angus transport themselves in to space to fix the TV satellite!

      Kiva Can Do: Unblocking the signal
      XBring back the elephant!

      Kiva and Saul are on their way to a wedding when they find a lost elephant. They need to bring back the elephant in time for the wedding!

      Kiva Can Do: Bring back the elephant!
      XAn x-ray for Angus!

      Poor Angus has hurt his paw. Doctor Kiva and doctor Saul are on hand to help and prepare an x-Ray for their patient!

      Kiva Can Do: An x-ray for Angus!
      XPull the breaks!

      Kiva and Saul are investigating Nanni's waterpipes to find out where the strange noise is coming from. But during their investigation they run into an unexpected giant waterfall!

      Kiva Can Do: Pull the breaks!
      XBowling machine out of control!

      Kiva and Saul are trying out their built automatic bowling machine, but the machine is out of control when they pull the handle.

      Kiva Can Do: Bowling machine out of control!

      Kiva Can Do