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      XTraffic Knight

      When Smelgly has trouble directing traffic like the Knight Brigade Captain, Nella comes to save the day!

      Nella: Traffic Knight
      XCastle Creator

      Design your own fantasy castle for Nella and her friends!

      Nella the Princess Knight: Castle Creator
      XNella's Party Save

      Nella saves a big, fancy cake from falling to the ground at the party!

      Nella: Nella's Party Save
      XSaved by the Bell

      Nella teams up with Rumblefang, the dragon, to save Sir Hamsworth and the whole town from a falling bell!

      Nella: Saved by the Bell
      XGiant Fun

      When Nella's giant friends, Trevor and Grud, aren't getting along, she shows them how to have fun together!

      Nella: Giant Fun
      XNella the Princess Knight: Rollerfest

      This free online educational game helps children develop shape recognition and shape memory skills, all while interacting with their favorite Nella the Princess Knight characters!

      Nella the Princess Knight: Rollerfest
      XSir Coach and the Dragon

      When Nella leaps up a mountain to save Sir Coach from a dragon, she realizes things are not as they seem.

      Nella: Sir Coach and the Dragon
      XSir Hamsworth The Great

      Listen as Sir Hamsworth the Great sings of his brave battle with a mighty dragon!

      Nella: Sir Hamsworth The Great
      XPixel Pictures: Nella

      Watch as these pixels come together to create your favorite princess knight, Nella!

      Pixel Pictures: Nella
      XNella Castlehaven Explorer

      Explore the world of Nella the Princess Knight to find hidden surprises around Castlehaven!

      Nella the Princess Knight: Castlehaven Explorer
      XSparkle Best Buddies

      Trinket, Clod, Nella, and Garrett must work together to catch the royal carriage and bring it to safety.

      Nella: Sparkle Best Buddies
      XIt Takes Two

      When Nella’s family gets stuck at the top of a bridge, Nella calls on a giant to help get them down.

      Nella: It Takes Two

      Nella the Princess Knight