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          XMeatball Madness

          The TroubleMakers cause Umi City to be filled with millions of meatballs! It’s up to the Team to stop the meatball madness!

          Meatball Madness
          Full Episode
          XBubble Race

          Team Umizoomi is having a bubble race! They blow bubbles from one end of the rug and race to the other.

          UMI: Bubble Race
          XSuper Shape Carnival Puzzles

          In this preschool game, kids can use their mighty math powers to help Geo, Milli, and Bot stop the Shape Bandit and get the Umi City Super Shape Carnival working again!

          Team Umizoomi - Super Shape Carnival Puzzles
          XCleaning the Sandbox

          Help Geo match each shape to his blueprint to build a bulldozer and clean up all the garbage in the sandbox.

          UMI: Cleaning the Sandbox
          XApartment Hunting

          Hop in the elevator and help Milli, Geo, and Bot find Emily's apartment!

          UMI: Apartment Hunting
          XThe Butterfly Costume

          Milli, Geo, and Bot help fix Sophia's butterfly costume by finding the right pair of star antennae.

          UMI: The Butterfly Costume
          XLemonade Stand
          Lemonade Stand
          XHow Deep is the Lake?

          Team Umizoomi is trying to figure out how deep the water in the lake is and they need your help measuring!

          UMI: How Deep is the Lake?
          XThe Library Card

          Say "Umizoomi"! Smile as Milli, Geo, and Bot take their picture for a library card.

          UMI: The Library Card
          XSnack Patterns

          It's snack time! Sing along with Milli, Geo, and Bot about all the different types of snack patterns!

          UMI: Snack Patterns
          XShark Car: Race to the Ferry

          UmiFriends, it's time for action! Kids can help Shark Car race through the beach, collect seashells, and jump over sand castles and slippery seaweed.

          Age: 3-6

          Team Umizoomi: Shark Car: Race to the Ferry
          XNick Jr. Face Painting: Bot

          Have you ever wanted to look just like Bot? Now you can with this umi-riffic face painting!

          Nick Jr. Face Painting: Bot
          XNick Jr. Super Search

          Let’s play hide-and-seek with the PAW Patrol pups, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Sunny, and Team Umizoomi! First, your super searcher can select a friend to play with, and then visit Adventure Bay, Umi City, Friendly Falls, or Axel City to search for their Nick Jr. friends who are hiding in the scene. If players search and tap on all their friends before time run out, they'll earn stars! Kids can also play again and again to search for NEW characters in every scene.

          Age: 3-6

          Team Umizoomi