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      Nick Jr. Videos

      XLovely Birthday Cakes

      Max and Ruby surprise Grandma with special cakes for her birthday!

      Max and Ruby: Lovely Birthday Cakes
      XMatch the Glyphs

      Dora & Naiya need your help to follow along, match the glyphs, and sing this song!

      Count it Up: Dora and Friends Match the Glyphs
      XBotasaur Has a Cold

      When Rusty and Ruby want to take Botasaur, Tigerbot, and Botarilla to the jungle, Botasaur catches a cold!

      Rusty Rivets: Botasaur Has a Cold
      XSaving Chinta

      Diego needs to get down the waterfall to save the baby chinchilla, Chinta. He needs to hurry!

      Diego: Saving Chinta
      XRusty Rivets and the Beats!

      Make some fun music with Rusty, Ruby, Botosaur, and the Bits!

      Rusty Rivets and the Beats!
      XCrusher's Meatballs

      Watch how the meatballs get made when Blaze and AJ find Crusher in the kitchen!

      Blaze: Crusher's Meatballs
      XTickle Taming

      It's circus time and Zack is the most fearless, famous, & fabulous wild animal tamer the world has ever known!

      Zack and Quack: Tickle Taming
      XGet That Backpack

      Alex lost his backpack! Can the Paw Patrol find it and get it back to him for his first day of school?

      PAW: Get That Backpack
      XThe Juggling Seal

      Welcome to Deema's carnival shop! Can you help Nonny find something for his seal to juggle?

      BG: The Juggling Seal
      XJazzy Juggling

      Dora and Boots help Benny get his juggling balls back after Swiper throws them into a tree.

      DTE: Jazzy Juggling
      XCleaning the Sandbox

      Help Geo match each shape to his blueprint to build a bulldozer and clean up all the garbage in the sandbox.

      UMI: Cleaning the Sandbox