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          XDragon Biscuits on Toast

          Welcome to Wally's Castle Cafe! Join Wally, Norville, and Libby as they play restaurant.

          Wallykazam: Dragon Biscuits on Toast
          XThe Dolly Snatcher

          Victor the Villain has stolen Gina's doll, Froggy Long Legs, and it's up to Wally and Norville to get it back!

          Wallykazam: The Dolly Snatcher
          XChasing the Gold

          When Bobgoblin runs away with Wally's house, Wally lures him back with the promise of gold!

          Wallykazam: Chasing the Gold
          XWally Crafty Creatures

          Wally from Wallykazam comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

          Wally Crafty Creatures
          XStop That Cake Thief!

          You can't have your cake and eat it too. Especially with the Cake Monster around! Can Wally stop him?

          Wallykazam: Stop That Cake Thief!
          XHelping Each Other Song

          When Gina Giant and Wally must track down Running Rita, they sing a song about working together to find her!

          Wallykazam: Helping Each Other Song
          XStan's Happy Song

          Wally and Libby Light Sprite help Stan of the Swamp sing a happy song to get his home swamp home back.

          Wallykazam: Stan's Happy Song
          XNimble Ninjas

          Wally and Norville are ninjas who are light on their feet and on a mission to do good deeds!

          Wallykazam: Nimble Ninjas
          XNice Noodle

          Being nice is fun! Wally and Norville talk to a naughty noodle and convince her that it's better to be nice!

          Wallykazam: Nice Noodle
          XChicken Expedition

          Wally, Norville and Ogre Doug sing as they search for a chickaphant in their first Explorer's Club expedition!

          Wallykazam: Chicken Expedition
          XThe Bobgoblin Club

          Bobgoblin and Hattie are starting their very own club. They want it to be the best in town!

          Wallykazam: The Bobgoblin Club
          XBob-land-ia Music Video

          A whole town full of Bobgoblins? Welcome to Bob-land-ia!

          Wallykazam: Bob-land-ia Music Video