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          XJungle Home

          Zack, Quack, and Kira need to find a home for their gorilla friends! Will the jungle or the city be better?

          Zack & Quack: Jungle Home
          XTickle Taming

          It's circus time and Zack is the most fearless, famous, & fabulous wild animal tamer the world has ever known!

          Zack and Quack: Tickle Taming
          XThe Witch That Won't Say Boo

          Zack and his friends must stop the Pop Witch from popping away all the spooky stuff on Halloween!

          Zack & Quack: The Witch That Won't Say Boo
          XCow Herding

          Cowboy Zack, Deputy Quack, and their trusty steed, Trunky, work together to herd some silly cows!

          Zack & Quack: Cow Herding
          XSaving Belly-Up

          When Belly-Up's hiccups send him flying, Zack and his friends rush to his rescue!

          Zack & Quack: Saving Belly-Up
          XThe Flying Sheep Duck

          Zack and Kira make a flying machine for Quack so he can round up the flying sheep and bring them home.

          Zack & Quack: The Flying Sheep Duck
          XThe Giant Comet

          When Quack notices a giant comet in the sky, Zack and Kira need to help stop it!

          Zack & Quack: The Giant Comet
          XBaby Monster

          When a baby monster mistakes Quack for its mother, Zack and his friends have to get it home to its real mama.

          Zack & Quack: Baby Monster
          XFinding the P-Rex

          Tag along with Zack & Quack as they try to take a polaroid of the biggest dinosaur, the P-Rex!

          Zack and Quack: Finding the P-Rex
          XCopy Quacks

          Quack accidentally clones himself using Kira's science fair invention.

          Zack & Quack: Copy Quacks
          XQuack's Chariot

          When Pegasus’ wing gets broken, Quack flies a chariot so Pegasus can get to the doctor in Poplympus.

          Zack & Quack: Quack's Chariot
          XIce Dance Party

          Zack, Quack, Kira, and friends throw an ice rink dance party to celebrate winter!

          Zack & Quack: Ice Dance Party